‘Simpsons’ actor: Cut my salary to keep show going

One of the voice actors on “The Simpsons” says he’s willing to cut his salary by 70 percent to keep the show going in exchange for a taste of the production’s profits.

Speak English with any accent

Lots of resources for how to learn to speak English with any accent: http://bit.ly/pxxVUw

Learn how to speak English with any foreign accent! Absolutely free accent and dialect instruction videos and guides online, such as a credible Australian, British, Chinese, Indian, Russian, Mexican, Vietnamese or Texan accent guides. Watch experts explain and demonstrate accents.For actors, comedians, anyone who wants to lean.

Jennifer Hale, the Queen of Video-Game Acting

The First Voiceover Gig

The first professional (paid) voiceover ever?

Edison audio from 1888 may be first talking doll

Playwright-actor Tom Poole dies

The Twin Cities lost a very beloved playwright and talent agent. Very sad for his family.

To Be or Not Be Paid (Beth Chaplin)

  • Great article by Beth Chaplin (author of The Acting Biz http://t.co/ErJ9t9w )

    Applies to VO as much as any of the performing arts.

Creating Your Own In-Home Recording Studio

Nice article on home recording; however spending even this much seems excessive. 🙂 Look for stuff on SALE!


Aflac picks Minnesota TV ad salesman as new voice of its nervy duck

Pretty amazing!!


Come See Us at the Twin Cities Actors Expo

So psyched for this awesome event, all day Saturday!



Cameraphone image of our booth at the Twin Cities Actor’s Expo going on for a few hours yet today. Lots of interest!

The Grain Belt Bottling Building, 79 13th Avenue NE., Minneapolis. One block north and ½ block west of Broadway and Marshall. Parking is free on the street and in the lot ½ block west of the building. Please carpool to be sure there’s enough free parking for everyone!

25 Cartoons You Never Knew Were Voiced By Celebrities

‎25 Cartoons You Never Knew Were Voiced By Celebrities: